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How does RestEasy work?

RestEasy transforms your API into an API-as-a-Service by providing a frontend and middleware for your deployed API. We will handle user onboarding and management, facilitate payments & billing, and even standardized query validation.

How do payments work?

RestEasy is integrated with Stripe, and will charge your subscribers based on the subscriptions terms you define for your API service. You can choose between subscription or usage based pricing models.

How do I get paid?

RestEasy will onboard your organization using Stripe, and collect bank account details where we can deposit your earnings each month after your subscribers are billed.

How do you make money?

We make money when you do. We’ve done our best to create our incentive structure such that we only make money when you do.

We charge a small, $5/month fee per developer account. Then, we take a commission of 22% of any fees your subscribers pay each month. We include a $5 credit towards that commission each month, so you won’t pay anything extra until your API’s generate enough revenue to cover the monthly fee.

How are my API’s secured?

Since RestEasy acts as a middle-man to load balance and secure your portal, two different API keys are used. The first is a random token issued to your subscribers. We will use this to track requests from your subscribers for logging and billing purposes. The second is a JWT token and secret used to interact with your API endpoints. Simply store the secret as an environment variable on your server, and use it to validate JWT tokens coming from RestEasy. We’ll encode extra data in the token you can use to help serve the request, like user id’s or other ancillary information.

Can I use my own URL?

Yes! In fact, your subscriber portal is completely white-labelled with your brand colors and logo, to give your subscribers a seamless experience with your brand. Just add a signup/login button on your landing page and link it to your white-labelled subscriber portal.

How many routes can I have?

As many as you want! We don’t put any limits on the number of routes or requests that you can serve.

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