Billing & Usage

RestEasy handles all of your billing out of the box! No need to set up complex billing systems to calculate when and how much to charge your customers. We can charge based on usage-based plans, or flat subscriptions.


We'll charge your customers for you. Since we're partnered with Stripe, you can trust that customer payments will be handled safely and securely.

Automatic Distributions

RestEasy automatically pays you every month. Input your account information via Stripe, and RestEasy automatically pays you every month from your customers’ billing.

User Management

White-Labelled Onboarding

RestEasy provides a white-labelled user portal on your custom domain. We handle the user accounts, collecting payment information, and more, so you don’t have to.

Admin Dashboard

Sometimes you need a way to do things for your users. Your admin dashboard allows you to manage your users directly, without having to on a third part for support services. We’re still here if you need us. 

Usage Logs

Seeing an increase in traffic? Easily find out which customers are using your service the most so you can better market your API’s.

Join the waitlist

We’ll be launching the platform soon. Join our beta program for permanent discounted pricing.

API Management

Easy API Onboarding

All it takes to onboard your API is to define a route path, your endpoint, and define your query parameters. RestEasy will then serve as the middleware.

Detailed Logs

Things don’t always work as planned, so we provide 3 days of detailed query logs to help your troubleshoot any issues. Easily search through your logs to find the culprit!

Automatic Documentation

We’ll automatically generate documentation for your users when you onboard your endpoint. You can even add to the documentation if more information is needed.



We simplify securing your endpoints by issuing API Keys to your users and verify calls according to your license terms and billing status.


Increase your API security by only serving a single client. We use JWT tokens to authorize calls to your endpoint, so you can discern between users without having to manage your own keys.

DDoS Protection & Firewalls

No need to reinvent the wheel, our service comes with firewalls and DDoS protection built in, so you know your users will be able to access your API’s at all times.

Build with confidence

RestEasy comes with everything you need to get your API-as-a-Service business up and off the ground, so you can monetize your API’s sooner rather than later.